Live Shows

Wednesday, Dec. 31

A Sklar Brothers stand up show often blurs the lines between stand up and sketch, kind of a postmodern take on the comedy team where there really is no straight man. Here's what The Daily Page had to say about their standup.

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Television Appearances

No upcoming appearances

With shows like Entourage, Curb Your Enthusiasm and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia under their belts, Randy and Jason always leave their mark. Hosting or guest starring, check them out on the small screen.

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The Trailer

on the Youtube Regal Cinemas

It’s coming at you like balls at your face. YES. BALLS AT YOUR FACE. The Twitter round-up for the week with the Sklar Brothers. Follow TheTweeklyNews!

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Radio appearances

No upcoming dates

The Sklar Brothers do many things, but perhaps their favorite is the radio, more specifically guest hosting Jim Rome's nationally syndicated show. Tune in to hear their unique comedic take on the world of sports.

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Sklarbro Country - Episode


Weekly comedic takes on the worlds of sports and pop culture. You don’t have to know about sports to enjoy it, as long as you like silly puns and great comedians. Listed as a top 10 podcast of 2012 by The Onion AV Club!

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We Direct

The Sheepdogs - The Way It Is

“The Way It Is” music video from their new album, out September 4th, features Rory Scovel, Jon Dore, and some ridiculously cute kids getting their asses kicked in baseball by a band of adult men. Directed by the Sklar Brothers.

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